A Completely New Approach to Preventing Mold

BioShield from mr natural® environmental group 
is a safe and revolutionary water-based, polymeric coating that has been laboratory and military tested and proven to inhibit the growth of molds, mildew, and germs on the film of the treated surfaces.

Our mold inhibitor products are the perfect mold prevention solution for homes, vehicles, boats, schools, manufacturing and institutional environments.

Effective when both wet and dry, this liquid may be applied on virtually any surface. Formulated with zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) making it safe for your home as well as our environment.


Mold & Odors will Not Return for up to 25 Years



mr natural® BioShield can inhibits biological growths meaning that it prevents mold and odors for up to 6 months on flooring and bathrooms, 2 years on walls and ceilings, and up to 25 years in enclosed areas such as stud cavities, guaranteed.


Advantages of BioShield Protective Coating

  • Spray on and let dry
  • BioShield is long lasting up 25 years guaranteed
  • The only product available that can provides protection in either wet or dry conditions
  • Does not wash away or wash off
  • Does not leach or migrate
  • Effective on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Water-based, non-toxic, environmentally friendly with no VOCs
  • Laboratory and military tested to inhibit mold growth on treated surfaces
  • This liquid may be applied to virtually any surface or substrate
  • No special handling or equipment required
  • May be applied by spraying, brushing, dipping, or sponge applicating
  • UV indicator detection system to verify coverage
  • Cost effective


Makes Cleaning Faster & Easier

First use mr natural® Mold Remover to remove and clean away existing mold. Then spray BioShield to prevent mold from returning by coating and sealing the surface with this military tested formula. Stop cleaning away mold repeatedly and protect your surfaces long-term.

Consult with an environmental engineer from mr natural® environmental group.