Long-Lasting Mold Prevention System

Completely new approach to mold, mildew, fungus, and odor prevention.


Polymer Film, Active Mold Fighting Ingredients and Surface


After application of BioShield to a surface the active ingredients are sealed underneath a polymer film.


Mold Spores and Microbes, Moisture, Polymer Film, Active Mold Removing Ingredients and Surface


When conditions promote biological growth, the film then opens, exposing the active ingredients to kill off fungus and bacteria.


Polymer Film, Active Mold Fighting Ingredients and Surface


As moisture decreases, the surface film then reseals, locking the mold eliminating ingredients back in.


BioShield Long Lasting Results

BioShield will remain active through hundreds of potential growth cycles.

Once BioShield air dries it is crystal clear, undetectable to the naked eye.


Notice that under a blacklight BioShield glows, showing that the surface is protected and preventing mold and mildew. Using UV light, the coverage can be verified and corrected if any areas are missed.