An air scrubber is a device that is used to remove particles, gases, or chemicals from the air within a given area. While most air filtration systems of this type are designed to handle only one of these types of pollutants, there are a few industrial air cleaners that will handle two and even all three contaminants. Most scrubbers are configured to complete at least six cycles of operation each hour, helping to keep the air in the space free of any type of contamination.


   The Decon Scrubber solves all of these problems in a single contained unit.


Air Scrubbing Solutions

Our Decon Air Scrubber is the most advanced air scrubbing solution available for several major reasons. Scrubbing the air does ensure the source stops emitting contaminants. The Decon Air Scrubber has three high performance optics which produce large amounts of hydroxyls to scrub the indoor environment outside of the processing chamber. Most air scrubbers can only clean the air that passes through them however the Decon Scrubber cleans air that does not even pass through the unit.

Other air scrubbers do nothing for contaminants that pass through its filtration system as the particulate is nano size — they simply passively filter. Our product actively neutralizes what the filter does not catch inside the chamber and out.

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