We utilize a pure finely tuned UV optics system to produce Ozone at levels no less than 10ppm and no more than 15ppm, to permanently break down the nicotine and thousands of chemicals of cigarette smoke. It is these chemicals that cause the long-lasting odours as well as health issues for many, especially children and individuals with respiratory issues.

mr natural® environmental group can assist you in neutralizing the odours from tobacco smoke permanently. The process we utilize does not mask the odour – It oxidizes the chemicals producing the odour, breaking them down into safe, neutral compounds like CO2, H2O and Oxygen. After Ozone has completed its task, it breaks down itself back into Oxygen.

Permanently Remove Cigarette Smoke Odours

For over 20 years, we have utilized ozone specifically for this type of problem.

To date, we have not found anything that is more effective or as quick.

The downside of Ozone is that no one can occupy the premise whilst the treatment is active. Upon completion, due to the purity of ozone we utilize, occupants can return in as little as 15 minutes.

Third Hand Cigarette Smoke

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