Odors and Contaminants Removed Safely?

Hydroxyls are the most amazing yet most powerful solution we have every used. There is nothing like it.


  • Our hydroxyl technology eliminates odors not only in the air, but more importantly, deep inside the contents and structures that have absorbed the odors.

  • Safe for people so you can streamline jobs by eliminating odors while you dry, clean, and demo – not afterwards.

  • Not damaging to anything so you can eliminate odors from sensitive materials like leather, electronics, plastic, artwork, wet items, etc.

  • Minimize business interruption and/or Additional Living Expenses (ALE) by putting the insured back to work or back at home while you deodorize.

How is your technology different than any other systems on the market?

Our hydroxyl generators are the most advanced systems in the world for eliminating odors and pathogens in the air, on surfaces, and from within contents. This green technology is safe to use in occupied areas, and was initially developed for the most severe environments like rendering plants, sewage plants, trash transfer stations, and the disaster cleanup industry for eliminating odors associated with fires and floods. It utilizes the power of hydroxyls to break apart odors at the molecular level. Hydroxyls do not mask, cover up, filter, or trap odors – they completely eliminate them and leave behind no chemicals or residue.

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