I can highly recommend these odor control units. It is a very bizarre feeling when standing next to some of the most vial waste and not smell a thing.

With cutting-edge Hydroxyl Generating Technology, we are at the forefront of high-volume air decontamination/purification worldwide. Our technology neutralizes a long list of Biological Pathogens and Chemical Pollutants.

We offer versatile equipment that utilizes new patented technology that harnesses multiple nanometer frequencies, laser frequencies and electron furnace technology. These innovations far outstrip the limits and shortcomings of current odor control methods.

Wastewater Treatment

In comparison with ozone generators, activated charcoal, essentials oils and biomedia filters, Hydroxyls are far more effective. This advanced method is:

  • Chemical free
  • Comes with lower overhead and O&M costs
  • Occupies less real estate
  • Simpler to run
  • Affects the gas molecule of a wide range of compounds like ammonias, compounds of petrochemical origin and those containing sulfur such as H2S or Mercaptans.

The UV Oxidation Process

Photonic energy catalyses the breaking of ambient Oxygen and water vapour molecules into O- and -OH (Hydroxyl) molecules. These short-lived molecules go on to oxidize the more complex molecules of the contaminants with the Hydroxyls themselves getting used up in the process. The result is a sequential and instantaneous gas breakdown with very little by-products and simple and harmless elemental traces that include CO2, water vapour, molecular oxygen, trace ozone, elemental forms of N, S, C and weak mineral acids.


Repeated exposure of a toxic organic compound to hydroxyl radicals can lead to its complete oxidation, converting the organic into harmless products such as water, carbon dioxide and mineral acids.

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