mr natural® environmental group offers ERMI mold testing with HERTSMI scoring system – The most advanced and complete mold testing using genetic sequencing

To use the HERTSMI scoring system, you will need your ERMI test results. If you don’t have them, contact your engineer for assistance. For each species, enter the corresponding Spore E./mg of dust value.

These are the top 5 species of moulds with the highest statistical probability that will affect hypersensitive individuals or with CIRS, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

Species Data   Score
Aspergillus penicilloides:         
Aspergillus versicolor:         
Chaetomium globosum:         
Stachybotrys chartarum:         
Wallemia sebi:         


This score is low, and generally considered to be safe according to statistical data.

What can I do if the HERTSMI score is too high? The most effective method for decontaminating an indoor environment is a combination of a hydroxyl generator, proper vacuuming, a thorough interior flush, and wiping all large, horizontal surfaces with our botanical disinfectant. Contact your engineer for the full details on how to effectively decontaminate an indoor environment.

Do I have to discard all my contents? Typically no, depending on the item. Consult your mycologist.