Mold testing can be invaluable. Mould grows extremely quickly and may affect ones health – Especially here in Vancouver due to excessive moisture and susceptible building materials.

mr natural® environmental group provides analytical laboratory testing of moulds to determine species, the quantity one is exposed to, the impact on one’s health short and long term, and most importantly the source. An important quality of testing is to determine if occupants are suffering or reacting to mould or if is it something else.

Mould often grows in a building without the occupants being aware of it. Since the spores become airborne, even hidden mould can cause health problems for the occupants. Simply “cleaning” does not provide a permanent solution to a problem. mr natural® provides mould inspection, testing and remediation services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Call mr natural® to have a certified professional discuss your situation with you at no charge.

Mould Testing and Analytics

With over 1,000s of types of mould, many of which are carcinogenic, it is vital to identify, repair the source and remediate mould. Testing to determine the types of mould growing in your environment will help determine the type of remediation required and in many cases, assist in locating additional problems or sources of moisture requiring repairs. Certain species of mould culture of specific substrates under specific conditions.

Mould thrives in environments with moisture. Water damage and dampness that has been left for an extended period of time may contribute to the growth of moulds that potentially could cause a range of health concerns or structural damage to your home or office.

Methods of Sampling for Mold

mr natural mold testing analytical lab vancouver

  • Air sampling to quantify and classify airborne spores
  • Dust sampling for eRMi analysis to classify by genetics
  • Viable petri sample
  • Swab
  • Tape lift
  • Bulk sample

Health and Allergic Reactions to Molds

There are some individuals that may prove very susceptible to negative reactions to exposure to these indoor contaminants. In these cases mould testing or an inspection is vital ensuring the problem is remediated properly with no future health concerns.

If you suffer water or flood damage, have it immediately dealt with by a water damage professional as mould can begin to grow within 24–48 hours. Have a professional confirm that it is dry. Run a hydroxyl generator to ensure mould does not culture. Contact mr natural® for more information.