How is an air purifier different from an air filter?

An air filter is designed to collect particles from the air. An Air Purifier is designed to change the molecular structure of the contaminant. The particles that go into the Air Purifier come out of the unit dead. Bacteria and viruses are sterilized and chemical odours are oxidized, so chemical and biological contaminants are destroyed, not masked. There are other generators on the market that just don’t work such as the Titan or units that utilize catalysts of titanium dioxide. Studies are available upon request.

Is mr natural®'s hydroxyl generator equipment easy to use?

Yes! Simply plug it into a standard 120-volt power supply, turn it on and let it run. They run on less than 3amps of power and cost less than $0.50 per day for power. The machines are tough, portable and lightweight.

How does it kill mold/mould?

mr natural®’s hydroxyl generators purify large areas of infected airspace by cutting off the food source for mould. As a result, there is nothing for mould to feed on since the very bacteria and microorganisms that fed it has been killed off. Only this way can mould be rendered inert and cannot be resurrected (because it has been killed by starvation).

What makes mr natural's hydroxyl generators better than other air purification systems?

Our hydroxyl equipment produces hydroxyls, which is what the earth uses to naturally clean its atmosphere by neutralizing odours, bacteria, disease, etc. Ozone generators, ionizers, chemicals and other devices all create complicated and dangerous side effects to your health and only mask problems, they do not eliminate them.

Most air purifiers can not decontaminate surfaces, only the air that passes through its chamber.

mr natural® hydroxyl generators purify the air in the chamber as well as outside the chamber using hydroxyls. These hydroxyl generators are proven to be the most advanced, safest and most effective air purifiers on the planet. If you have a science degree, it’s easy to understand.

  • Can easily scale to treat hundreds of thousands of square feet
  • Destroys even the smallest particulates

This patented technology is very advanced and to date, there is not another technology or solution that compares to it. Not even close.

How large of an area will it process?

The area covered by one generator will vary depending on several factors such as the size of the hydroxyl generator, the layout of the structure, severity of the problem and overall airflow. All of our generators are engineered to solve specific problems, and there is no problem too large that we can’t handle. Please consult one of our engineers with the details of your situation so we may provide you with an accurate recommendation.

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How long does it take to work?

Depending on the issue and contaminants, results are often observed within the first few minutes of operation, with most typical heavy odours being permanently eliminated after 3 – 4 days.

What is the warranty?

mr natural provides a one-year full parts and labour warranty on all generators. Our hydroxyl generator units are extremely well built and made to last.

What type of maintenance is required?

Very little. The optics need to be replaced after approximately a couple of years depending on usage. Some generators also contain washable filters that need to be cleaned depending on the environmental conditions they are subjected to.

Are these generators safe to run in occupied areas?

Absolutely. Unlike using ozone or harsh chemicals, hydroxyls are completely safe for people, pets and plants. They will not damage rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, electronics or other sensitive materials. They will also not bleach or discolour items that are wet. Hydroxyls are antioxidants that are healthy for humans and animals.

There is another brand of hydroxyl generator that is cheaper?

There are several including a product line called Titan that claims to be a hydroxyl generator, however, it really does not work well in most situations. This is due to its ability to produce hydroxyls that can exit the chamber and travel long distances in order to decontaminate ambient air and surfaces. It is relatively simple to create hydroxyls however their advances are hindered significantly if they do not have the energy to travel far enough to reach contaminants nor the oxidative potential to oxidize. A study was completed by Lovelace Labs specifically to test if the Titan produced any hydroxyls at all. Click here to review the original PDF version.

What is a hydroxyl?

Hydroxyls (HO•) are molecules that occur naturally in our atmosphere when the ultraviolet rays of the sun react with water vapour. They are safe to breathe, pollutant-free, effective, and a vital part of Mother Nature’s systems which cleanse our planet’s atmosphere.

Formula of hydroxyl generation which is a natural process

Hydroxyls are the building blocks of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E

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