At mr natural our Mission is the pursuit of products and services which combine advanced technology and healthy, safe environmental principles to produce clean air and healthy environments.

if gloves or a respirator is required, you are doing something wrong…

Super Nano Coatings

Super-hydrophobic and hydrophilic liquid surface coatings with photocatalytic and self-cleaning properties. Thin, invisible, extremely durable, long-lasting coating that produces hydroxyls and other safe and effective super oxidizers when exposed to natural UV light.

Ecological Bacterial Applications

Healthy ecological bacterial solutions for breaking down organic contaminates and waste causing odours. Fast and effective odour control that quickly neutralizes odours, digests organic soils, and through bio-enzymatic activity degrades and eliminates the cause of odour. Designed for use in restrooms, garbage trucks and dumpsters and decontaminating porous surfaces such as concrete, wood and fabrics.

Scalable Hydroxyl Generation

Atmospheric Hydroxyls provide so many natural benefits for so many applications including perfect air quality and odour neutralization – An immune system for a building. It is scalable for the most demanding industrial applications yet gentle enough to continuously decontaminate one’s home.

Most Effective Non-Toxic Moldicide Coatings

Clean, transparent, last for decades, safe, non-toxic coating for woods to prevent mould and mildew, wood rot, insect infestation and pest control.

Super Filtration Air Scrubbing Technology

Efficient and safe electrically enhanced filtering, with ultra low pressure drop, higher efficiency of particulate removal and higher dirt holding capacity over the life of the filter. Exceptional reduction of airborne particulate matter measured in nanometers.

Combine this super filtration with our additional technologies that eliminate volatile organic compounds and bio-aerosols, nano-sized virus and organic pollutants, the exhausted air exceeds clean room standards.

Natural and Safe Cleaning Agents and Solutions

Something is wrong when gloves are required to protect yourself from cleaning chemicals in your own home. A grease and oil emulsifier that is edible. Water that reacts thousands of times faster than chlorine bleach with almost twice the oxidizing power and the byproduct is oxygen.

Solutions that you can actually consume and are eco and human friendly. It’s time to switch to more effective yet natural, convenient, safe non-toxic solutions?

Engineered Vapor Barriers to Separate Environments

Exceptional durability and performance from biological and microbial contamination, excessive humidity and Radon radiation mitigation. This system is perfect for resolving issues related to the crawl space and water ingress.

Chlorine Neutralizers and Filtration

Remove the chlorine from your shower, bath and faucets, protecting your family from toxic exposure to an array of future health issues. Advanced sub-micron filtration is ideal and recommended for removing toxic heavy metals, sediment, turbidity, iron, manganese, sulfur smell, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Combined with a cutting-edge process, water can be structured for the whole house.

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