Our hydroxyl generators are so effective against smoke odors from fire, the difference is noticeable within minutes.


mr natural® environmental group are an essential part of the restoration industry, specifically for odors, mould and ensuring the purest air quality so that there is no hint or reminder of the tragic event that transpired. Hydroxyl generators are now considered the most effective method for fire smoke restoration.

Using hydroxyls, owners save a lot of expense due to being so effective yet safe and delicate.

 Hydroxyls Neutralize Smoke Odors

If you don’t understand what hydroxyls are – Watch the video.

There are a few dozen more videos in our video gallery regarding many other types of contaminants that hydroxyls can effectively permanently neutralize.

Hydroxyl generators incorporate unique, natural technologies that set it apart from any other cleaning process. In addition to safe, natural and being residue-free, hydroxyls are:

  • Healthy to breathe as they work as an antioxidant
  • Non-toxic method to neutralize smoke odors
  • Will not bleach wet clothing or materials
  • Does not oxidize metals, breakdown fabrics or damage materials like ozone
  • Prevent mould and mildew from culturing
  • Deactivate and oxidize mould spores, bacteria and virus
  • Have the highest oxidizing potential of 2.81 eV  (See Oxidizing potential chart )

For the Restoration Industry

Commercial hydroxyl generators are available for rent at below Xactimate pricing. This ensuring your partnership with mr natural is profitable as well as successful. Available mr natural units for rentals include Slimline, Boss and Boss XL3, Decon Air Scrubber with 3 Boss optics and MVP14.  The MVP units are typically used for larger spaces such as large office or retail spaces and warehousing.

Xactimate codes and pricing based on daily rate
Boss with 2 optics – CLNDODHY  $205.20
Boss XL3 with 3 optics and air mover – CLNDODHY>  $266.88

Uninsured or No insurance

For any unfortunate victims of fire or smoke damage where insurance is not available, we encourage you to contact us. We will try to remediate your costs with a free consultation, recommendations and possibly reduced billing.

For sales and rental information, contact mr natural® environmental group