mr natural® environmental group specializes in odour control and odour elimination for residential to industrial applications including garbage room odours. Hydroxyls are the most effective, scalable, non-toxic solution for eliminating odours. End of story.

   500,000lbs of dead rotting meat with no smell and no chemicals … It is truly unbelievable!

Hydroxyls have no known disadvantages. It is used to eliminate odours, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, chemicals, off-gassing and mould contamination. Our systems are sophisticated and the most technologically advanced industrial foul-air management system in the world. Hydroxyls also equate to financial savings.

With new mandates, Metro Vancouver city requires the separation of organic waste and to be excluded from disposal in landfills. Odours and their abatement will become more prevalent, especially in confined and higher-density areas.

Problems with Other Garbage Room Odour Control Methods

Chemical Misting Systems is Ridiculous

Chemicals have their place but not in or around residential living and systems.

  • Usually toxic with an increase in ailment, allergy or damage
  • Unbreathable and unhealthy
  • Less oxidizing coefficient than hydroxyls
  • Consumable and large eco-footprint
  • Heavy and requires much effort for logistics

Ozone is Not Safe in Occupied Spaces

The levels of ozone required to neutralize the garbage room odours have many drawbacks such as not being used in the presence of people. Ozone is toxic. For many, it is the go-to solution for no other reason than it is the only one they know of. It has many drawbacks and is certainly not the right solution for garbage rooms for the following reasons:

  • Corrosive and will reduce the working life of machinery. For this reason, Ozone generators are usually constructed of high-grade stainless steel including their parts.
  • Unbreathable and unhealthy as it reacts with the lung and respiratory system, skin and eyes.
  • Less oxidizing coefficient than hydroxyls.
  • Accumulative so it could build up to much higher levels than intended.
  • Sensors for Ozone are expensive and have a limited lifespan and frequent calibration.
  • The reaction may increase toxicity levels due to when reacting to plastics, PVC and other materials.
  • Ozone is a gas and will spill out into other common areas. It is difficult to confine.

Filtration is Expensive and Not Very Effective

Filtration is an excellent option however it too had several drawbacks when used for garbage rooms or refuge odours. Only the air that passes through the filter medium is processed. As the volume of the garage is continuously off-gassing and expelling bacteria, filtration may only have a reductive effect. In order to move air through filters, the velocity needs to be increased and therefore airborne particulates will increase. Filtration will not stop odours from escaping into other common areas either. Filters that are only partially effective must be of a high quality that is typically much more expensive.

The filters required for off-gassing odours and bacteria will be more expensive than standard high-grade filters. Most likely they need to be continuously loaded with an active carbon that is used up within short periods of time to be only partially effective.

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