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Hydroxyl Rental Rates in the Vancouver Area.

mr natural® hydroxyl generators are patented, state of the art, purification systems that sanitize, purify and invigorate the air.  Purify entire indoor environments of virus, molds, mycotoxins, allergens, odours, and VOCs. Our technology mimics a natural process which Mother Nature has used for billions of years to remove pollutants and cleanse the atmosphere.

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Portable Hydroxyl Generator

  • For small areas or single room issues up to 500 sqft
  • Light weight and portable
  • Eliminates allergens, bacteria, viruses and asthma triggers
  • Destroys VOCs and odour causing compounds

Rates per day
mr natural-rental-rates-hydroxyl-air-purifier-$70         $66         $62           $58          $54         $50         $300

Commercial Hydroxyl Generator

Our commercial hydroxyl generator units are the right choice for the professional fire and water damage restoration contractor. It can deodorize and decontaminate up to 2000 sq.ft.

Turn the fan to low to deodorize small areas such as cars, RVs, boats, bedrooms or offices or on full for large areas. Multiple units can be configured and scaled up to treat larger spaces or for heavily concentrated areas affected by fire and smoke, flood, nicotine, grey/ black water, decomposition, mold, sewage, chemical spills/ off gassing and any other odor problem you may encounter.

Rates per day
mr natural-rental-rates-hydroxyl-air-purifier-$220        $205        $190        $175        $160        $150       $850

Air Scrubber & Hydroxyl Generator Combo

The Air Scrubber units are the right choice for removal and decontamination of large volumes of particulate and pollutants from the air.

The hydroxyls units are tuned to eliminate odours associated with contamination from bacteria and molds, as well as chemical and viral contagions. The air scrubber is designed for removal of large amounts of smoke, ash, animal dander and pollen. Can be used to mitigate and remove odours caused by incinerated/burnt plastics, organic matter, and VOCs.

Commercial Hydroxyl Generators combined with a True HEPA scrubber.

Rates per day
mr natural-rental-rates-hydroxyl-air-purifier-$350        $335        $320        $305        $290        $275        $1450

Industrial Hydroxyl Processor

mr natural’s multi-processor units (MPU) are the most technically sophisticated and advanced industrial foul-air management system in the world that scale up to 192 laser frequency optics.

These industrial sized hydroxyl generators are capable of decontaminating much larger spaces than all other models for rapidly breaking down massive amounts of toxic odours, many types of pollutants, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) while simultaneously destroying a long list of biological pathogens and virus. The MPU unit is specifically designed for single or multiple unit use in heavy-duty air processing for small to medium operations pig and chicken farms, warehouses, manufacturing sites, food processing, chemical plants, wastewater treatment facilities, refuse transfer sites, rendering plants and many other industrial and commercial uses. Other applications include fire and smoke damage, and large scale mold and mycotoxin decontamination.

For the treatment of 5,000+ sqft with ease. Consult one of our engineers for details.

Rates per day
mr natural-rental-rates-hydroxyl-air-purifier-$750      $660       $620        $580       $540      $500     $3,000