mr natural® environmental group provides asbestos testing onsite, consulting and lab services


Asbestos fibers were used in over 3,000 building materials and products when everyone believed it was safe and irreplaceable. We now know that once these fibers are airborne, due to their size and characteristics, travel deep into the lungs where they become lodged. The body is unable to physically cough them out. As they accumulate within the lungs, your chances of cancer increase.

Asbestos testing for fibers size comparisonOlder homes pre-1980’s have a higher chance materials used contain asbestos and that special methods must be used. Demolition of homes of around these years or less require a certificate for removal and disposal. One has to be able to prove the materials do not contain any asbestos, and if so will require special disposal requirements.

Failure to abide these rules and regulations can result in severe fines and penalties. This is one area where mistakes or overlooking procedures has a margin of error with zero tolerance. Failing to recognize these regulations regarding asbestos may result in people’s health being compromised and or WorkSafe stopping all work on the site until compliance has been met and testing.

Asbestos Testing and Sampling

The structure is reviewed to identify suspect materials that may contain asbestos. Several pieces of these materials are collected to be observed under PLM or TEM microscopy.  A certified report is provided for each set of materials examined as proof to the city or refuge management as to their compliance.

mr natural® environmental group provides asbestos testing of bulk material and airborne fibre quantification. The turnaround time for testing is available as quick and conveniently as 3 hours to 2 weeks. We provide the expertise and professionalism that assists you in smoother and more organized project with required environmental services and testing.

Please Consult our engineering staff for assistance or specific information regarding your project.