mr natural saved my apartment. Completedly removed the disgusting cigarette odours. So helpful and very personal…
     – J Brown, Vancouver


Elimination Instead of Masking

mr natural® environmental group can remove cigarette smoke odors and the toxic chemicals left behind. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients with tobacco related problem using safe, natural technologies. This process breaks down the chemicals on a molecular level into safe by-products such as water, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen.

If it can be helped, do not paint over surfaces contaminated with tobacco smoke reside. The walls and surfaces require a thorough cleaning followed by the oxidation process of hydroxyls or ozone. Also note that sealer, no matter what the sales person or painter claim, do not work. After 20 years, we have heard and seen it all.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

A nasty and unhealthy habit that produces thousands of toxic chemicals that adhere to almost every surface. These chemicals will pollute indoor air for years even if the odors have subsided. Also known as third hand smoke, it is more unhealthy as over time the chemicals combine producing more serious toxic compounds being released into the air and absorbed by the occupants. The odors are the least of one’s worries.

Many unsuspecting tenants are completely unaware of the harmful effects of these cigarette residues have especially with children, as the cigarette smells are not prevalent so the environment is believed to be healthy. Most believe that it is the actual smoke that is the killer.

  • Cleaning porous surfaces will have minimal effects as the chemicals are entrenched in pores, cavities, crevices and unreachable surfaces.
  • Aerating with outdoor air might only temporarily and partially dissipate the airborne odors for the time they are open.
  • Air fresheners will only partially mask the odors and are also unhealthy to breathe.
  • Febreeze can not remove cigarette smoke odors nor eliminate smoke odors nor the toxic chemicals

Over 4,000 toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke
can affect children up to many years after.

Best Air Purifier to Remove Cigarette Smoke

There is no debate in the scientific community hydroxyls are the best air purifiers on the planet. It is ironic how hydroxyl accomplishes so much more like odor elimination, mould control and surface decontamination yet is safe, breathable and healthy. No other air cleaner can or has achieved these results except mr natural commercial air purifiers.

mr natural® provides a unique odor elimination service like no other. To learn more contact us to see how we can assist you.