If you are the landlord, property manager, owner or potential buyer of a property  that was suspected as a former marijuana grow operation, there is a high probability you will be required to have environmental testing completed for the structure. The majority of banks and mortgage companies require testing now a days prior to giving a mortgage.

Grow-Op Air Testing

Air testing of a former marijuana grow operations is the process of analyzing the level of airborne molds. The tests involve indoor mold air samples and comparing them to the levels sampled outdoors for mold to determine if there may be a mold source inside the building which may be considered a potential health risk.

Grow Operation Clearance Certificate

Each city or municipality in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley have different requirements for this process. mr natural can assist with completing all the necessary steps that includes the clearance testing to obtain a mortgage for a former grow operations for purchase.

Metro Vancouver Grow-Op Environmental Testing

mr natural performs former grow op testing throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

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