Mold can start within 24 hours from water and flood damage

mr natural® environmental group mitigates water, moisture and flood damage using advanced technologies few have heard of. Many times, drying the area is not enough as mold can set in within a days time. Utilize a patented hydroxyl generation system ensure mold spores are deactivated and prevent culturing of moisture or wet surfaces. Hydroxyls effectively control mold and bacteria responsible for the odors during and after. Controlling odors is achieved on a molecular level.

Hydroxyls are natural, healthy, breathable and have the highest oxidizing potential only to Fluorine which is toxic. Hydroxyls are more effective than Ozone yet do not damage materials or bleach damp materials.

Mold thrives in environments with moisture. Water damage and dampness that has been left for an extended time may contribute to the growth of molds that potentially could cause a range of health issues for occupants.

A Decon Air Scrubber can be utilized to reduce airborne particulate whilst generating hydroxyls to decontaminate surfaces, eliminate odours and prevent molds from culturing.

mr natural® provides the following related services:

  • Environmental consulting and mycology
  • Water and moisture extraction
  • Superior non-toxic, products more effective than chemical solutions
  • Restoration from water and flood damage
  • Drying and hydroxyl equipment for purchase and rental
  • Site supervision to ensure protocols and procedures are followed
  • Verification of surfaces and materials
  • Analytical testing to quantify and classify species of molds and spores
  • ERMi analytical testing with HERTSMi scale
  • Mold abatement and remediation
  • Safe and healthy solutions and coatings to prevent mold growth

If you have had a flood and require our expertise, or would like to know more, contact mr natural to discuss how we can assist you.