mr natural® Hydroxyl Air Curtain™

The HRC06 Hydroxyl Room Curtain unit is used to eliminate odors, bacteria, virus, VOCs, off gassing and mold contamination.

The Hydroxyl Air Curtain unit is used to eliminate odours, bacteria, virus, VOC’s, off gassing and mould contamination.

It is ideal for commercial, institutional, hazmat, veterinary or hospitality use. It is equipped with switch selectable 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 Hydroxyl generating optics. The unit is designed for continuous operation to blanket your odour source.

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Dimensions (w, l, h)15.81″ x 78.00″ X 18.50″ / (401.8 mm x 1980 mm x 466 mm)
Weight167lbs, (75.9 Kg)
Power120 VAC 60Hz @ 8 Amps (Max)
ControlSwitch Selectable 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 optics
MeterIndicates operating hours
Number of Optics6
CertificationETL Canada/US – CSA & UL Standards
Fan Control1512 CFM, 4000 FPM (max) w/36″ nozzle
Fan Noise LevelsSound Level @ 10 feet (3M) from the unit: 60 dB(A)