mr natural® can eliminate pet odours and the other contaminants safely and naturally using hydroxyls.


This  technology breaks down and neutralizes the compounds and bacteria such as pet urine odors, at a molecular level, into safe by-products such as water, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen. Highly contaminated or stubborn areas may require extra effort – We use a natural and safe biological solution to rapidly break down solids. The odors from pet urine can be evasive and remain potent for several months. Due to the tight and sealed confines of a home and the lack of natural airborne oxidants, urine and other chemical compounds do not breakdown rapidly as they do outdoors.

eV to Solve Pet Odours

Hydroxyls (OH-) have the highest eV oxidation potential and is safe, breathable and highly effective. There are several other oxidants however they do not possess the oxidation potential of hydroxyls and are not safe to breathe.

hydroxyl oxidative potential eV oxidant chart for pet urine odors


mr natural®  provides a unique odor elimination service that is effective and safe for your pet and your home.

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