A safe and adequate water supply is fundamental to the health and well being of every individual. Clean water is paramount to a healthy life.

Is my water safe to drink?

If you get your drinking water from a private well, you should get your water tested to know whether the drinking water is safe for you and your family. Municipal water is typically safe aside from the high levels of chlorine, however, old piping or contamination may influence your health.

Some contaminants found in the water supply as a result of corroded pipes or made from toxic leaching metals can cause long-term health problems, which develop over years. Children and expecting mothers may be more susceptible.

Water Testing

There are two categories for testing your water.

Chemical and Metal Testing
Chemicals commonly of concern in B.C. groundwater are nitrates, fluoride, and metals such as arsenic, lead, and copper. Chemical testing is important as it can dictate preventative actions and prevent possible long-term exposure. Homes supplied by wells should be done annually or every 3 to 5 years depending on results.

Bacteriological Testing
Bacteriological testing should occur frequently until a good sample history has been established. Total Coliforms include bacteria found in surface water, soil, and the intestinal tracts of animals. This is an immediate health concern and the water is not safe to drink.

Can You Recommend a Water Purifier or Water Filter?

Yes, we can. It depends on a few factors that can include one or more personal requirements such as

  • pH level
  • Turbidity
  • Surface tension
  • Mineral concentration
  • For drinking water or the whole house
  • Specific applications such as showers and bath
  • Price

Contact mr natural® for water testing or technologies to improve your water. Our knowledge of water includes decades of testing, research, and overall knowledge and appreciation of health. We are currently exploring structured water for not only health benefits but for its benefits in the agricultural industry. The results are significant and impressive.