Many new materials in a home or even a car off-gas harmful or toxic chemicals


That new home smell that lot of people love may not understand what they are smelling. That smell is a combination of VOCs that can be harmful. mr natural™ environmental group can test for VOCs and Formaldehyde that cause odours or affecting the well being of the occupants.

What is VOC?

VOC stands for volatile organic compound. New homes have higher levels of VOCs. The same goes for renovations. VOC levels will decrease over time due to off-gassing. But how long they off-gas depends on the material. Common compounds found in homes include Benzene, Methylethylketone, Xylene, Formaldehyde, Toluene and many more.

Health Concerns of VOCs

Depending on the type and concentrations, volatized compounds can affects many systems in the human body. Infants, pregnant, elderly and individuals with asthma or respiratory issues may be more sensitive to the effects of VOCs. Newborns are a particular concern as earlier exposure can result in permanent damage to their nervous or respiratory system. Children have a high rate of breathing and may establish symptoms before adults.

Moderate exposure to formaldehyde can cause your eyes or nose to burn temporarily and a sore throat. Higher levels of exposure can cause asthma-like symptoms, such as coughing and wheezing. High exposures can be toxic. It’s been known to even cause some cancers.

Testing for VOCs and Formaldehyde Levels

There are two types of testing for VOCs and for Formaldehyde. The first can render results in near real-time and onsite with a calibrated meter with the ability to measure levels down to a billion parts per million. With this type of metered testing, the length of testing time can be increased such as for 8 hours, and can be used to measure multiple locations such as each bedroom of a home. The second replies on TD tubes for sampling for laboratory analysis. This type of testing is more accurate and renders the concentrations of a large array of compounds – Lab testing is more expensive with results in approximately one week. The lab will charge a fee to expedite results.

VOC and Formaldehyde Mitigation

There are several solutions available to abate VOCs and depends on several factors. An environmental engineer from mr natural™ will be able to identify suspected materials, quantify exposure levels and outline options for reducing it to safe levels or eliminating it all together.