ERMI Dust Cassette for PCR Mould Analysis


This ERMI cassette is used to obtain dust samples using a vacuum cleaner. The dust sample is analysed by PCR genetical testing to identification 36 common species of mould known to be toxigenic and produce mycotoxins, and that are commonly found in water-damaged structures.

ERMI results complement the Mycotox Profile provided by Great Plains Laboratory or Realtime Laboratories.

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This is a plastic device with an inner dust collector which fits onto the wand of most vacuum cleaners. Used to sample for mould, allergens and other particulates.

Dust samples can be collected from bedding, soft furnishings or carpets.

This sampling can be used for ERMI sampling. ERMI is the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, the combination of EPA research, powerful PCR technology, and a new method to screen homes for mould. This is the preferred method recommended by mould specialists such as Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and Dr. Hoffman from the Hoffman Centre, Calgary.

Identification of 36 species of mould known to be toxigenic and produce mycotoxins.

The ERMI sampling kit includes sampling instructions.

The cost of the analysis is not included with this cassette. Cassette must be returned to mr natural analytical labs for the PCR analysis. Results are available by email and require payment prior to receipt.

This service is available only for Canadian residents.

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