Vitamin D is an important vitamin which significantly aids in various functions of the immune system. Vitamin D is produced by our bodies with the exposure of solar radiation from the Sun.

During the winter months, several changed occur that result in a reduction of UV exposure.

  • The increased angle of the sun reduces the energy compared the summer months
  • The reduced duration therefore shorter daylight
  • Decrease in temperature which results in
    • people spending less time outside and more indoors thus reducing UV exposure
    • indoor they are shielded from UV
    • due to the colder conditions, less skin is exposed to UV as people wear more clothing
    • recirculating heating systems are used more frequently increasing chance and range of contaminants indoors
  • Windows and doors are opened less reducing fresh air and ventilation and increasing indoor contaminants
  • Less solar UV equates to less hydroxyls to oxidize contaminants such as viruses

The reduction of UV exposure results in a reduction in overall vitamin D levels. Vitamin D plans a significant role in a strong immune system. During the winter months, the major of the population are vitamin D deficient and over spending 90% indoors with all the sick people delving in environments perfect for incubation of bacteria and virus.

Decrease Your Chances of Getting Sick.

All of the above results compounded, increases the chance of contracting the flu or virus and reduce the chance of the body effectively fighting it. A general rule is get more sun even by artificial means and take liquid vitamin D3 with K2. Thorne makes a high quality version.